March 18, 2022

5 Easter Decor Ideas for This Spring

April is right around the corner, and we all know what that means. Easter is almost here. And now is a great time to set up some easter décor and take the festivities to a new level. We’ve compiled great easter décor ideas for your home. These are simple, not time-consuming, and a wonderful activity to do with your kids or partner. Check these out and liven up your home for some Easter fun.

1. Easter Egg Decorations

Easter egg designs are cute, wonderful and really add to the overall space. This piece of décor is a classic and for good reason. Before the kids start going crazy, be sure to empty the eggs. Make sure you rinse the egg inside and out in a warm water container before you begin going artsy. Once it’s dry, go creative with stickers, glitter glue, paints or other stuff that comes to your mind. The more creative the egg decorating ideas, the more compliments you’ll get from friends and family.


2. Add Spring to Your Mantel

If your home has a mantelpiece, then making it a feature of your Easter décor is a wonderful idea to display the gifts or cards that you receive from your loved ones. Use fresh flowers or artificial ones, fill them in jars and put them up for a show with cool easter eggs, festive décor and maybe pictures from previous Easter holidays. Challenge: Try making a bunny wreath this time around! Check Pinterest for inspiration. 


3. That’s a Sweet Vase!

One of the best DIY easter decorations is to create a candy jar. Take any old vase or clean jar, fill it up with your favourite candies, paint it, use stickers, tie bows, and just go crazy on it like a kid with paints on an empty canvas. Hopefully, the kids don’t finish all the candies and you get to place them as easter table décor for your guests. You can also use the vase as Easter table decor. 


4. A Blooming Easter Wreath

Welcome Spring and your guests with a colourful wreath. You can check out Pinterest for some amazing easter wreath ideas. Remember to use twigs or smaller branches from your garden. A simple combination of ribbons, some glue and flowers can create beautiful pieces. You can go contemporary, classic, rusty or any other way you want to make a statement.


5. Easter bunny bunting

Hop into this creative and extremely low-budget idea that only requires cotton wool, paper, pencil, glue, and a string. Get your kids to draw silhouettes of Easter bunnies or you can print a template.

Carefully cut them out and glue cotton to each to make fluffy bunny tails. Use the string through the rabbits’ heads by punching holes and you’re all set to put it up.

We hope these ideas have inspired you with some fun Easter decorations. You can use them as outdoor easter decorations or for easter tree decorations as well. From easter egg hunts, bunny ears, and egg dyeing to spring wreaths, easter crafts and colourful outdoor decorations, we hope this will be your favourite Easter yet.

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