February 3, 2022

6 easy-to-make winter recipes for heartwarming meals

Winter is a great time to try some new and delicious recipes while you’re snuggling at home. From the best winter soups to the best winter comfort foods, there’s plenty of cozy food to get you through your winter blues. Here are some delicious and easy-to-make winter dinner ideas.

Chickpea Cauliflower Curry

This is one of our favourite winter dinner ideas and continues to be the go-to recipe for vegetarians. It’s quick, easy, super delicious, and the vegetables are tender. And the best part is you can customize it as per your own liking. Pro-tip, substitute the broth with chicken noodle soup to take it to the next level. 
For instructions and the full recipe, please click here

Spaghetti with spicy tuna ragout

If you’re in a mood for one of those winter meals that is easy, on the go and ready in a couple of steps, then you’re in for a treat. Easy to store, enjoy as leftovers, and delicious when served fresh, this winter comfort food will keep your kids wanting more. 

This recipe we found requires just a couple of steps to be ready.

Pork schnitzel with apple salad

During snowing days, you just don’t need a warm jacket, you also need some good, easy-to-make food that will also warm your heart. You can use the same recipe with chicken thighs. This recipe will turn an average weeknight into a restaurant-level meal. Head here to see the full recipe

Zucchini fritters with prosciutto and bocconcini salad

Channel your inner master chef to put a gourmet dish on the table in a snap. It’s a great winter comfort food and will get you a lot of points from those picky eaters. Check one of our favorite recipes here

Spring seafood tagine

Winter without seafood is complete. Whether you want to use it as winter appetizers or in hearty winter soups, it is packed with lots of protein, nutrients, and warmth for the winter. Throw in some vegetables and you’ll get the complete meal. Check out our favorite spring seafood tagine recipe here. 

Barbecued salmon with oregano and caper dressing

Give classic Salmon a barbecued twist in this mouth-watering recipe. It’s light, zesty, and makes for a wonderful main dish not just for family nights, but also with friends. Just throw some salt and pepper on top and you’re ready to go. Make the most of the abundance of Salmon that we have and give this recipe a go.

These winter foods will save you a ton of time without compromising on taste. Keep checking our blog as we do a series of winter drinks & winter cocktails, winter desserts like rice pudding, salted caramel chocolate chips cookies, winter vegetable soups, and more. 

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